Sunday, May 29, 2011

Guilt & Co.

The scene: Friday night in Gastown for a joint graduation party for two of my boyfriend's pals. We started out at Chill Winston, about which I feel rather blah. It seems a victim of its own success, and has been the favoured hangout for newly minted adults and the bridge and tunnel crowd for some time now. Plus, why would I hang out there, when the Diamond is right across Maple Tree Square, glowing warmly at me from its lovely windows?

We had a quick bite at Vera's (always tasty, and gets the job done, leaving more room in the evening's budget for craft cocktails!), then headed to CW. After a while, it became time to move on, and the plan was to head downstairs to Guilt & Co. What? Double what? Apparently this place has been beneath Chill Winston for more than a year, but it somehow escaped my notice. I guess I must have had my snobby blinders on with regards to that side of the square. One look at the sign promising board games, and I was sold. Oh, I was sold.

The line was short and the cover non-existent (hopefully they can sustain the latter). Many bonus points for the extensive board game menu (Battleship, Connect 4, Catan, and more!), as well as the speakeasy in a cave nature of the decor. The crowd was fun, the bathrooms unisex, the very creative cocktails refreshing and expertly mixed, and the Jenga blocks gigantic. I will certainly be back another night to sample the live music and other performances (never has a venue in Vancouver been more perfectly suited to burlesque!) and the food menu, which includes chunks of cheese. Awesome. The familiar font and wording of the printed ephemera hinted subtly at ownership shared with CW upstairs, but I much prefer what they've done with this place. I hope it can hang on to its relatively chill and secret vibe.

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Monday, May 9, 2011

Summertime, and the living is busy

You may have noticed that I have turned into one of those slacker bloggers I vowed I would never become. I want to put you all on notice that posts will be few and far between in the ensuing months, but I am not hanging up my keyboard permanently!

Between time with friends and my boyfriend (no longer just my mysterious "dining companion"), my dog, riding my still hypothetical new bike, weekend getaways, out of town visitors, work, commuting, dodgeball, three softball teams, choir, and book club, there simply aren't enough hours in the week to blog right now!

Enjoy the warmer weather (if it ever comes), and I'll do my level best to create some new content here and there.

Sunday, May 1, 2011

Docker's Diner

This particular post has been a long time coming, because Docker's was the first place I ever frequented in my new neighbourhood. I've been out of the habit but a few recent visits have reminded me to put it back in my rotation.

The place looks like it's been there for decades, but it's actually less than ten years old (I can't remember exactly how old). Joanna, the owner, has done an amazing job right down to the worn patina of the red fabric booths.

Initially, I was prepared to be disappointed by some aspect of Docker's. It all seemed too good to be true, and right down the street from my apartment. Happily, I couldn't have been more wrong. I've eaten both breakfast and lunch there more times than I can count, and it's always dependably great. The food is basic, but delicious, the service is wonderfully sweet or delightfully crusty (but always attentive!) depending on who you get, and the value simply can't be beat. The standing breakfast special is two eggs, bacon or sausage, real hash brown potatoes and toast for $5.45, including HST!

Docker's is justifiably popular with everyone from the blue collar set to young families and hipsters to cops. Give it one chance and you'll understand why.

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