Monday, March 19, 2012

Eat, Drink & Perch at the ARC Cafe

Recently, M and I were thinking of a very East Van place to take Kits friends on a double date. When I found out the lovely wife had a gluten intolerance, I knew exactly where we would go. I've been to the little cafe usually known simply as Perch several times since their Groupon last summer, but I kept forgetting to blog about it. Dear readers, that is about to change.

Apparently, one generally pays through the nose for gluten free pizzas. Not at Perch, my friends, not at Perch. The (generously) individual sized pizzas are one for $11, or two for $20. It being a Friday, we took advantage of the $14 pizza and pint weekly special. As always, the pizzas were delicious, whether or not you're used to eating gluten free. I can't speak to the rest of the menu, except for the tofu nuggets with maple sauce, which are quite tasty as well as ironically shaped. The service can be a bit spaced out, but I take it as part of the experience.

Judging by the numerous rule explanation signs they've taped up recently, there have been some issues with noise, smoking, and alcohol on the patio. I hope they can resolve whatever has been going on; it'd be a shame to lose this little gluten free neighbourhood gem.

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