Monday, March 7, 2011

Prophouse Cafe

After many a time peering forlornly through the windows of the Prophouse Cafe after dark, I finally managed to make it there during opening hours. I was rewarded by a vast selection of loose leaf teas, and a rather delicious chocolate chip shortbread square. The food and drink here are almost secondary, though it certainly helps that both are tasty. The real draw is the setting, amongst thousands of pieces ranging from antique to vintage, from kitsch to quirk and back again. It feels distinctly like settling in for a cuppa at an antique/junk shop, which is very much up my alley. Apparently it was (is?) a functioning prophouse for the film industry, and the owner so enjoyed entertaining in the space that his friends suggested he open it up to the public as an actual cafe. I didn't spend much time exploring this time, but I'll certainly be back to give it another go.

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