Thursday, February 3, 2011

A Belgian Brunch

For something a little different, we headed to Beatty Street for a breakfast straight outta Belgium. I had only been to Cafe Medina once before. Last winter, there was a short article in the Sun inviting people to bring warm clothing to a fundraiser at the Medina. In exchange for a jacket, donors would receive a free drink, which I had assumed would be a latte or something similar. Instead I stumbled headlong into a rather exuberant party with beautiful people standing around trays of beautiful canapes. Never one to pass up free food and drink, I happily accepted my cocktail and tried in vain for the next 45 minutes to get someone to talk to me. I always use this story as an example of how people in Vancouver are a bit more aloof and cliquey than folks on the prairies. I highly doubt that I would have had trouble sustaining a conversation with strangers if this party had taken place in Calgary, for example.

But I digress. My mom opted for a hot chocolate, which was exactly as she hoped it would be: frothy and not too sweet, made with real chocolate. I had boring loose leaf tea, as I was nursing the slightest of hangovers. The paella pleased with very flavourful orzo, andouille sausage, avocado, and unidentified but tasty green objects as a garnish. I wanted an omelette (no surprise there!), but in the name of interesting food blogging, I went for the waffles. I ordered two waffles (about $3 each) with three toppings ($1 each). The waffles were just as good as ones I had years ago in Belgium itself, and the toppings were a revelation: good old mixed berry compote, milk chocolate lavender, and white chocolate pistachio rosewater. Yum. For an average female appetite, I bet two waffles would do it, but I don't have one of those, unfortunately. Luckily, I did not get my insatiable appetite from my mother, so she generously let me polish off the last of her paella. I'm more into the old school diner type of place for breakfast, but Cafe Medina offers something different, which is definitely welcome.

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