Thursday, February 10, 2011


On this morning's walk, I came across indisputable proof that no one, truly no one, can resist the siren song of a free buttermilk biscuit from McDonald's. I had a bite of A's, and it was indeed delicious, but we were justly horrified when the grease ran down her sleeve. She did make a rather bold proclamation though: apparently the classic Egg McMuffin is better.

For a while last year, I got weekly deliveries from spud and I love what they're doing. I had to suspend my deliveries because I don't actually need enough groceries to make it worthwhile, and I can ill afford their admirable emphasis on organic and local. In my oft-imagined hypothetical future where I have somehow considerably increased my cashflow, I see myself reanimating our relationship. If you don't live alone, and aren't on a super tight budget, it's worth checking out. Their selection and customer service are both great, and it's obviously very convenient.

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