Friday, February 4, 2011

Tonight at the Waldorf

Last November, a combination of an irresistible social coupon deal and poor impulse control on my part led me to get half of my hair cut off. Thus, it will be a while before I patronize Barbarella salon at the Waldorf as an actual customer. Luckily, this reality doesn't preclude me from checking out their launch party tonight! Also taking off tonight is the first of planned monthly multi-room parties: The History of Dance.

I've become an almost weekly regular at Nuba, I went to a private party in the downstairs cabaret once, and I've been known to haunt the Tiki Bar on occasion. Despite all this, I have yet to check out one of the Waldorf's increasingly legendary parties, mostly due to insanely long line-ups and a lack of planning.

There's no time like the present, plus I have a friend coming into town tonight from Calgary. He's been dying to check out the Tiki Bar, and with all these special events, the Waldorf is certainly the place to be tonight. See you there!

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